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Community Service is a sentencing option or condition that requires offenders to take unpaid positions with nonprofit agencies. You need to work a specified number of hours in a given time period. If you need to perform community service, what better place than Friendship Botanic Gardens? We always have a need for volunteer help and in doing so you can help your community grow and thrive. We can get all of your paperwork filled out and verified per court order and you can do your part to give back to the community.

While FBG is pleased to provide verification of community service hours to volunteers in good standing, it is completely your responsibility to provide the following information to the Volunteer Manager (VM) in a timely way, as follows:
If you work as a garden helper for community-service hours…

  • If you work community service on a day that the Volunteer Manager is working, you much check in with VM when you start your shift & when you end your shift. If VM is not available, you must get an employee to sign your timesheet for your start time at the time you start your shift. Any employee may sign your time sheet at the time you end your shift to affirm your ending time.
  • If you work more than four hours on any day as a garden helper, you must detail the work you did along with the times and locations (e.g., from 1-3pm raking leaves in the Rose Garden, 3- 5:30pm hauling debris from the Rose Garden)
  • Do the following each time you need community service hours verified…
  1. Provide a “heads up” to the Volunteer Manager (VM) by email to and phone call (219-878-9885) between 5- 10 days before you need paperwork submitted to the court. And again two days prior to the deadline. Include in this reminder when the verification is needed and where it needs to be emailed (e.g., to yourself or the court). Provide the relevant email addresses. Note that the VM does not work on Saturdays or Sundays.
  2. Photocopy of your volunteer timesheet(s) with the hours tallied and hand to the VM. You may use the FBG copy machine.
    • Include on the timesheet any training and the approximate date, including volunteer orientation, that you took in the relevant time period.
  3. If the VM is not available on a deadline day you need verification of your hours…
    • You may ask an Employee or Manager to sign your paperwork.
    • If that occurs, it is very important that you submit a photocopy of that verification to the VM right away. Email the VM with this information within a day of receiving the signature.
  4. If you submit a form that the VM (or any other FBG representative signs), then it is your responsibility to make a copy of the signed form and give it to the VM. If the court calls to verify
    your hours, the VM will provide verification only if you have submitted a copy of the signed form.
  5. Hours spent in volunteer training count toward your community service hours. It is your responsibility to note the training hours on your timesheet.

The VM relies on your following these guidelines each time you need community service hours. We will not begin to process the paperwork until we have received a timely reminder from you. All FBG volunteers are expected to contribute at least 50 hours within six months. By accepting advanced training from FBG, you are making a solid commitment to meeting this expectation. If you do not conform to these guidelines or if you do not fully complete & submit paperwork to the VM in a timely fashion, your verification may not be processed.