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Find Peace in the Horizon Bank A-Maze-Ing Labyrinth Garden

Solace and peace, especially during these uncertain and difficult times, is very important to one’s mental health and may be best found in Friendship Botanic Garden’s Horizon Bank A-Maze-Ing Labyrinth Garden. 

This garden, which was installed and graciously sponsored by Horizon Bank in 2018, serves as a primary place for peace, meditation, and prayer. Its beauty and eternal promise of growth and rejuvenation have made labyrinth gardens infamous places for healing, reflection, and a place to unwind the mind.

“The A-Maze-Ing Labyrinth Garden is an extraordinary garden – over 500 chokeberry bushes in such a captivating setting,” said John Leinweber, President of the Board of Directors at Friendship Botanic Gardens. “Children will love it as a maze, and those who appreciate labyrinths may utilize it as a place to reflect, meditate and pray in peace.”

Labyrinth gardens were originally designed as a meditation tool and a place of personal and spiritual healing. A labyrinth is a complex circuitous path that leads from a beginning point to a center, which can be walked. Walking a labyrinth can assist one in resolving inner discomfort and life’s distractions. This spiritual tool can be used to calm and quiet the mind; the pathway represents a spiritual track or can be seen as a symbolic “hero’s journey.”

In the labyrinth, as in life, there is no “right” way to follow the path. Labyrinths themselves are geometrical patterns used for walking and act as tools to assist the consciousness. However, this garden has several maze-like qualities: there are multiple dividing paths which force the traveler to choose one of many options, there are more than one possible exits and there are dead ends, too.

“This area is a beautiful addition to our grounds and we can’t thank Horizon Bank enough for this phenomenal garden,” Leinweber said.