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Friendship Botanic Gardens is the best dog walking location in Northwest Indiana. We love all breeds of canine companions! Your furry buddy is always welcome to join you on the dog walking trails, or hike anywhere on the grounds. Dogs need exercise as much as we do! The daily walk around the block is always nice, but a hike through forest trails will really let your dog stretch their legs. Dogs need a regular source of physical and mental stimulation. With so many things to experience at the Gardens, you may both end up exhausted from delight. Dog walking is not only good for the dogs, it is good for you!


All of our trails and themed-garden areas are open to you and your dog. We truly are a dog friendly park in Michigan City. We have around 3 miles of terrain to cover, so visit regularly to give your dog a chance to sniff out every path! Your dogs would love it if you had a forest for them to roam everyday but most of us do not have acres of land for our family to enjoy. That’s where we come in, providing a stimulating retreat for the entire family, even the four legged members!

Come and experience the Gardens’ abundant nature and wildlife along the walking and hiking trails. We have multiple dog walking trails of varying length through the valley of Trail Creek.  You can choose a short dog friendly trail if you are pressed for time, or go down multiple paths while enjoying the wonderful features the Gardens have to offer. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Please come prepared to clean up after your pet. Let’s keep the garden trails serene and clean for all visitors.

If you live anywhere near the Michigan City area and have ever wondered “Where can I walk my dog in nature?,” we have the answer for you! Put down the smartphone for an afternoon, grab the kids and the pooch and drive on over! Stop by the Welcome Cabin and introduce yourselves! We love to take a break and meet the your furry family members! Get a membership to the Gardens and bring the dog for a walk any time of the year! Happy hiking!

Rules for Dog Owners:

  • All pets must be under owner’s control at all times and are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Dogs must be leashed in all areas of Friendship Botanic Gardens at all times.
  • Aggressive or female dogs in heat are not allowed.
  • Never leave your pets unattended.
  • Clean up after your pets with your own waste bags.
  • Seal the waste in the bag before disposing of it in one of our garbage cans.
  • The future of dogs being allowed at Friendship Botanic Gardens depends on dog owners behaving responsibly and obeying all of the rules.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!